Uaf Photo Lab

Photographic Printing

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UAF Photo Lab provides reliable colour consistency in photographic prints. We use professional papers, printers, and software to maintain our high-quality standards. Our machines are constantly being calibrated throughout the day to ensure the best quality of printing. Turnaround time: 1-3 Business days (Depending on Paper Type & Colour Correction). We print EXCLUSIVELY on ARCHIVAL paper for our photographic prints. Our most popular paper among Portrait & Wedding Photographers is the Fuji Professional PD Lustre. The Fuji PD Lustre has a slight sheen (between matte and glossy) with a slightly pebbled texture. Fuji Deep Matte & Pearl Metallic is also available.

“Print Ready” Services (No Colour Correction)
For those digital photographers who colour correct their own images, and are looking for an easy, fast, affordable way to print.

Print Ready files need to be ready to print. No adjustments will be made at our lab. Please ensure each file is cropped & sized at 300 dpi with sRGB or Adobe 1998 embedded profile. Grayscale, CMYK, 16 bit or 32-bit files will not be accepted.

Colour Corrected Services
Images under this service are individually colour corrected to finer detail. In addition to colour and density, these prints are adjusted for contrast, saturation & sharpness.

Custom Prints
UAF Photo Lab offers a full-colour correction service called Custom Printing. Our technicians adjust the normal 5 levels of criteria as well as; Dodging and/or Burning, and slight retouching. This service is commonly used for more detailed colour correction.

Photographic Papers

Fuji Lustre PD: Our default surface paper, featuring a fine grain pebble texture.

Fuji Deep Matte Velvet: Professional paper with a deep matte non-reflective surface that feels velvety soft.

Fuji Pearl: This glossy surface offers sharp detail, high intensity colors, and a distinctive pearl-like appearance. Perfect for competition and display prints.